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What if you could create advertising that’s so compelling, so hypnotic, that it motivates consumers to make an immediate change in their behavior to buy your product or service?

In HYPNO-TI$ING: The Secrets & Science Of Ads That Sell More, you’ll learn how to do that, and much more.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a marketing professional, or you just want to understand the science and psychology behind why human beings make the choices they make, elevate your brand by ordering HYPNO-TI$ING today!

About The Book

Ever wonder why you consistently choose one product over another, even when their ingredients are virtually identical? Or, why certain marketing campaigns exceed your expectations, where others fail to perform?

The truth is, if you’re looking to sustainably grow your brand for the long-term, you need a strategy and a coherent formula for success. By marrying advertising with the proven principles of neuroscience, Dr. Mark Young has developed a method he’s coined Hypno-tising.

In HYPNO-TI$ING: The Secrets & Science Of Ads That Sell More, Mark breaks down his method, outlining how combining the craft of advertising with the principles of neuroscience can be used to connect with your audience, sell your product, and take your brand to the next level.

Mark takes you through the complexities of neuroscience and consumer response, drawing on his background in marketing, hypnosis and psychology to demystify the process of creating effective campaigns. To illustrate the principles of Hypno-tising in action, Mark guides you through a series of real, successful advertisements and campaigns, breaking down the psychological techniques used, and what makes them so impactful.

What You’ll Learn In HYPNO-TI$ING

  • How Most People’s Minds Process Messages In Advertising
  • How to Craft Your Messaging to Communicate the Way People Really Think
  • How to Craft Copy That is Direct, Persuasive and to the Point
  • How to Recognize and Counter Common Cognitive Biases
  • How to Use Symbolism and Metaphor to Communicate a Message Instantaneously
  • How to Visually Tell a Persuasive Brand Story
  • How to Use Symbolism, Metaphor
  • How Some Major Advertisers Create Near Hypnotic States to Prime an Audience to Receive a Message

How HYPNO-TI$ING Helps You Grow Your Brand:

  • Create Simple Taglines That Are Direct, Effective and Impactful
  • Write Copy That Doesn’t Just Inform, But That’s Crafted To Persuade

You don’t need a massive marketing budget or Madison Avenue connections to create an effective and even massively profitable marketing campaign, you just need to know what who your audience is, and what motivates them to buy. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a marketing professional, or you just want to understand the science and psychology behind why human beings make the choices they make, you’ll glean some fascinating insights and elevate your brand with HYPNO-TI$ING!

See What Influencers Are Saying About HYPNO-TI$ING

FASCINATING! A “look under the hood” of our own brains and those of our clients and customers. Reveals the many unconscious biases and fears we have that influence our decisions and actions. You will come away knowing that creating messages and ads that move consumers to action is not a random act or about clever writing, it’s about proven neuroscience.

Dan Sullivan Co-Founder & President, Strategic Coach®

Combining his years of advertising experience and knowledge of heuristics and personal biases, Mark Young knows how consumers make their buying decisions. What he provides in HYPNO-TI$ING is just the kind of knowledge and skillset that is an integral part of any entrepreneur’s marketing toolbox. This is a must read for anyone looking to increase their sales.

Gino Wickman Author of Traction and Entrepreneurial Leap

As a master broker of national sales in the consumer products industry for more than twenty-five years, I have referred Mark and his invigorated teams, to a countless number of my clients. Each of their brands achieved astonishingly rapid growth and success. Mark’s prodigy methods, and sophisticated but highly cost-effective approaches to advertising, are far more productive, than the any of the pricy ‘Madison Avenue’ types of agencies I have ever worked with. Predictably, this book is ingenious, and a must, for any CEO, CMO, marketing executive, or entrepreneur, in the consumer goods and retail industry.

David Biernbaum President and Sr. Partner at David Biernbaum & Associates

It is my experience that Mark Young is usually the smartest person in the room. In HYPNO-TI$ING, he demonstrates this as he addresses the often-complex science of advertising, by breaking it into digestible “Aha!” moments that will change both your understanding of and the way you look at advertising.

Chuck Woolery Podcast Host and Iconic Game Show Host

I'm excited for the world to get to know Dr. Mark's learnings and teachings. He is a critical thinker who looks at the facts and the science. He is always learning, testing, pushing and pulling. To come up with what hypnosis is, and how to use it for good is an amazing opportunity for many things including marketing our company ourselves and communicating and building greater relationships. It is not about manipulating, it is about knowing human nature and psychology and using it for the benefit of all of us. I am excited to have worked with him and look forward to seeing how he will positively affect the world.

Bob Shenefelt Visionary of CoachBob and iMatter

Mark is one of the true leaders in the World when it comes to Marketing and Advertising. His insights into the science and psychology behind effective advertising outlined in his book are a must read for anyone wanting to get an effective message out to the market. A must read for any company leaders!

Kevin Brady Speaker, Best Selling Author, Founder of Advica Health

About The Author

Dr. Mark Young is a serial entrepreneur with insatiable curiosity and expertise in neuroscience, persuasion, and hypnosis. Over the course of his career, Mark has leveraged his specialized knowledge to pursue his various interests in advertising, media, economics, human behavior and future studies.

As the founder and CEO of Jekyll + Hyde Labs, Mark has directed one of the nation’s most successful and longest-running advertising agencies for challenger and emerging brand consumer products. Mark also co-hosts multiple podcasts, including CPG Insiders, providing invaluable insights for those looking to break into the CPG world, and Blunt Force Truth with co-host Chuck Woolery, covering politics, entertainment and world events.

Mark Young is currently writing his follow-up to HYPNO-TI$ING while working towards his professional race car driver’s license.

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